Blogging has never been my favorite thing to do, and I've never done it consistently. The idea of having to come up with something to say on a consistent basis has always been a little bit intimidating. I don't have funny stories, inspiring ideas, or deep, thought provoking ideas to offer every week. I am not great with words, and other people tell me I talk faster than I think and say lots of things I should keep to myself. Those people know me pretty well.

On the other hand, God has blessed my business so much in the last year. I have made friends, built relationships, told stories, and documented huge moments for my clients. I've seen how faithful God was to me despite my concern, self-doubt, and fear. He's answered prayer after prayer, and if nothing else, that should be documented. I share some things on Instagram and Facebook, but those outlets are so temperamental and difficult to organize and search through. Maybe no one will read my posts, maybe I'll come back and read them and remember how God has grown my business and my faith, or maybe it will be used to encourage others who are just getting started, balancing home and family and a business that they aren't sure what to do with. Either way, it will be here.

A Purpose

I'll share more in a few weeks, but I think it's also important to explain that this isn't just an outlet or an opportunity to write a digital scrapbook of my life or my business. One thing I learned from the last year is that the best images are created when my clients are comfortable with me. The more I feel like a friend, the more comfortable in front of the camera you'll be. Meeting new people can be hard (or maybe that's just me?). Being on camera is hard. I jokingly call that the "wrong" side of the camera. Combining the two can be VERY intimidating. That's why I'm so glad we live in a time where I can use social media to get to know people I've never met, and you can get to know me. Everything I have planned to write is here for you to either be encouraged as a spouse or parent or invited into my life so you can be more relaxed when you're on camera with me, and always to give glory to the Father for every opportunity I'm given.

So, hey!

Just in case you're totally new here and starting at the beginning, I'm glad you're here. Maybe you'll be encouraged, maybe you'll just see some pictures of my beautiful clients, or maybe I'll have the opportunity to work with you and get to know you, too. Either way, you can start here to learn more about me and our family. Thanks for reading, friend! <3