I am so excited for you! I married my high school sweetheart at 20 years old, and marriage is one of the sweetest gifts in my life. So naturally, I love being part of this season, hearing your stories, and celebrating with you as you navigate big and small decisions for your wedding day and beyond! Whether you ultimately book with me or choose someone else to document your day, I want to help and encourage you!

Fill in your name and contact information below and you'll be directed to an excerpt from my Bridal Guide with information about planning for your engagement session!

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My Vision for Serving You:


I'm an extrovert. I love building relationships and making people laugh (sometimes AT me). We'll start with an engagement session to get to know each other and help you be relaxed in front of the camera on your wedding day. I know it can be hard to be in front of the camera, but I'll walk you through it and show you exactly what to do. I promise to smile at you, listen to you, and leaving you saying "well that was fun!"


Not only do I want you to have a great experience with me, but I want to create images you'll love for a lifetime. You should be excited to share your wedding photos with your grandchildren in 40 years! I strive to cultivate a timeless style that will age beautifully with your marriage. I can also help you create an heirloom album that you can share with your loved ones for generations to come.


I'm so excited to share your day with you! I want to hear your planning victories, and I want you to feel like a friend walked in the door when I arrive on the big day. We'll be in consistent communication throughout the process, and that will start with a booking gift as soon as you sign your contract! It's full of goodies for you and your groom, as well as some information that will help you plan your day with your photos in mind! I can't wait to be friends!